Lutze Process Benelux BV, official distributor of Nomig GmbH

29 November 2022

With pride we would like to inform you that Lutze Process has partnered up with Nomig GmbH.

Since October 2022 we are exclusive partner for the Benelux.

Founded in 1999, Nomig GmbH is a welcome addition to our wear protection solutions.

Lutze Group has a long history of fighting wear with our rubber, polyurethane and ceramic solutions, the SiC casting polymer VE220 of Nomig GmbH is a true addition to our portfolio.

The characteristics of an upgrade with VE220 are:

  • Extreem hard up to 970 HBN
  • Chemically inert pH range 0-14
  • Temperature range form -30 degreeC until + 210 degreeC
  • VE220 can be casted, manually applied or with a brush
  • Applying process at room temperature

The solutions that VE220 offers:

  • Extremely wear resistant
  • No more chemical attack
  • Non-stick coating

We preferably apply VE220 on worn-out or chemically attacked parts which, at least in our opinion gives this solution a green edge.  

  • Less use of new materials
  • Low energy use during preparation and the application of VE220
  • In the case of wear we can correct this wear by means of a “refresh”
  • Durable and very affordable

For more information => Nomig GmbH

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